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Do not Ever Trust with the United States

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Reading Always, Do not Ever Trust with the United States intent of this title belom I also understand, why the state of Iran say this to all the Arab countries that was hit by a revolution, so do not trust the West.
TEHRAN - Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khameni warned Arab countries That was hit by a revolution, not to trust the western world. Khameni asked Arab countries to continue to believe in Islam.

"Do not ever believe the United States, NATO and criminal regimes Such as Britain, France and Italy. They have long Divided the territory and destroy you," said Khamenei was quoted as saying by the AFP

Khamenei, WHO holds ultimate power in Iran, warned Arab states to Remain vigilant and continue to seek a solution to a problem with the path of Islam.

"But the suspect They (Western countries) and do not trust Their smiles. Behind the smile there was a conspiracy and Betrayal," said Khamenei.

During the revolution That took place, Iran is supporting the hard That changes occur in the Arab States in Such countries as Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. However, Iran does not support the changes taking place in Syria.

Government Affairs Paramullah During this continue to accuse the West tried to hijack the movement of the revolution That Occurred in Arab countries.

For Khamenei, the main purpose of these regional revolution Should Be the establishment of an Islamic state based on religion, logic and science and Morality. Surely this is very different from what is Desired by the West.
Khamenei also criticized the involvement of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Libya. He said the NATO operation resulted in Libya's huge losses due to damage Their infrastructure.
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