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Know Adolf Hitler ?

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Reading Always, Know Adolf Hitler ? You already know the biography of this figure ..?
certainly some people who already know how this figure in his day. Reading always, want to try sharing a little story about the character of Adolf Hitler to the visitor is always reading. Adolf Hitler, who was born in 1889 in Braunau, Austria. As a teenager he was a failed artist who neglected and sometimes in his young age he became a fanatical German nationalist. At the time of World War I, he entered the German Army, was wounded and received two medals for bravery.

The defeat of Germany make Him devastated and furious. In 1919, when he turned thirty years old, he joined a small right-wing party in Munich, and soon the party changed its name to the Nationalist German Workers Party (Nazi summarized). Within two years he rose to be leader without a rival in the German nickname called "Fuehrer."
Under the leadership of Hitler, the Nazi party with extraordinary speed and become a force in November 1923 kupnya experiment failed. Coup known as "The Munich Beer Hall Putsch." Hitler was arrested, accused traitor, and found guilty. However, he was released from jail after languishing there for less than a year.

In 1928 the Nazi party is still a small party. However, large-scale depression make people dissatisfied with political parties large and already well established. In these circumstances become increasingly powerful Nazi party, and in January 1933, when forty-four years old, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

With the job, quickly and deftly Hitler dictatorship established by using government officials berated all opposition. Keep in mind, this process is not through the erosion of civil liberties and rights defend themselves against criminal charges, but it worked with lightning blows of the Nazi party and often do not bother with the filing procedures at all. Many political opponents beaten, even killed on the spot. Even so, before the outbreak of World War 2, Hitler came to support most of the residents of Germany because he managed to suppress the amount of unemployment and economic improvements.

Hitler then design the road to conquest-conquest that ultimately bring the world into the arena of World War 2. He won his first regional war with virtually no passing at all. English and French besieged by various kinds of economic difficulties, because it wants peace so that they do not give a damn when Hitler betrayed the Versailles Agreement by establishing the German Armed Forces. Similarly, they do not take care when Hitler occupied the Rhineland and strengthen the fort (1936), and likewise when Hitler annexed Austria (March 1938). Even while they receive nod when Hitler annexed the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia border fortress. International agreement known as the "Munich Pact" by Britain and France are expected as a result of the purchase of "Peace of all time" trampled and left them stunned when Hitler seized Czechoslovakia in part

several months later because Czechoslovakia completely helpless. At each stage, Hitler cleverly combining arguments to justify his actions with the threat that he would be war if the desire is considered quiet, and at each stage of democratic countries to feel afraid and fell backwards.

However, Britain and France determined to maintain Poland, Hitler's next target. First Hitler protect themselves by signing the pact "not to attack each other" in August 1939 with Stalin (the nature of aggression treaty agreement because they both agree on how to divide the two Poles for their own interests). Nine days later, Germany invaded Poland and sixteen days after the Soviet Union did the same. Although Britain and France declared war on Germany, Poland may soon be conquered.
Hitler's greatness is the peak year 1940. In April, the Armed Forces confront Denmark and Norway. In May, he hit the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. In June, France buckling knees. But in England the same year desperately to survive against German air attacks-known by the nickname "Battle of Britain" and Hitler was never able to set foot on British earth.

German troops conquer Greece and Yugoslavia in April 1941. And in June the same year Hitler tore up "a non-aggression agreement" with the Soviet Union and opened the attack. German Armed Forces to occupy the vast territory of Russia but was unable to totally disarm before winter. Although the opponents fought the British and Russians, unsparing Hitler declared war with the United States in December 1941 and a few days later, Japan confront the United States, rummaging through his Navy base at Pearl Harbor.

In mid-1942 the Germans have mastered the largest part of Europe that never could be done by anyone else in history. Moreover, he ruled North Africa. The turning point occurred in half a second battle in 1942 when Germany was defeated in battle at El-Alamein complex in Egypt and Stalingrad in Russia. After this setback, the good fortune that had been shading-fade gradually the Germans are still left. However, despite the defeat of Germany seemed inevitable, Hitler refused to surrender. Not that he was getting scared, even penggasakan continue for more than two years after Stalingrad. The bitter end of the story occurs in the spring of 1945. Hitler committed suicide in Berlin on 30 April and seven days after the Germans surrendered.

During his power, Hitler was involved in acts of mass murder that there was no standard unrivaled in history. He's a racist fanatic, special to the Jews did with the rancorous bubbling. He publicly announced kill every Jew in the world. In his reign, the Nazis built big kampkamp exile, equipped with gas chambers. In each area that became his domain, innocent people, men, women and children were herded and thrown into a cattle car to the next revoked his life in the gas chambers. Within just a few years around six million Jews were repatriated to the afterlife.
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