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Patients Tuna mentally enslaved in China

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Reading Always, Patients Tuna mentally enslaved in China we are sure to know, how the developed countries hire people with very severe. A developed country or call it in China, china state police have successfully raided a brick manufacturer in Henan province, China, which allegedly enslaving people with mental retardation (Tuna and mentally retarded). They are often treated like animals and placed in a room that pathetic.

As reported by Henan TV station, Sunday, September 18, 2011, police found at least 30 people and mentally retarded persons with hearing at the factory, located in Zhengzhou city and Zumadian. Factory owner and seven others were declared as suspects.

Poor workers are found in a small dirty room with the scent of stale urine that stung. According to a report in the Nanfang Daily, they perform hard labor every day in the brick factory is a high temperature. They are often beaten and threatened. They are also found in a state of lack of food and sleep.

According to police reports Henan, the majority of mentally impaired workers are victims of human trafficking. They were purchased at a price of 300-500 yuan (500-700 thousand). Some others, said police, kidnapped or manipulated to want to work without paid. Most of them come from poor areas in Henan.

Previous similar cases have occurred years ago, when the couple from Sichuan province reportedly kidnapped the mentally impaired, train it and lease it to the foreman, construction foreman.

Recorded cases of slavery also occurred in many provinces in China, including Xinjiang, Hunan and Guangdong. Found 137 tuna mentally enslaved for 17 years. One police source said that slavery is not new in China. According to him, in the last 20 years have recorded several cases, particularly in the Sichuan region.

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