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Tips Defend Yourself

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Reading Always - Keeping yourself is not something an action, that hard to do, Reading Always wanted to give some tips for those of you who have not been able to keep himself in many communities.

Few of these tips might be your guidelines to keep yourself in an environment that might be dangerous for you.

This is where the need for our knowledge to keep ourselves to be ready when an emergency situation, particularly in the fight empty-handed. Below are some principles that we must remember in practical martial arts, among others:

There are no rules. This is not a friendly game in the arena who uphold sportsmanship. There are no rules for anyone involved in it. Your attacker will not be a headache thinking about the rules, and you should forget all the rules.    
You do not need to think about the fate of the opponent. People who attack you suddenly in the street would not think of your safety. Therefore, I suggest you put aside all the aspects of morality for a moment and prioritize personal safety above all else. Anyway, there's no guarantee you'll only be attacked by one person. 
Avoid rough time. Wrestling Royce Gracie at UFC style had always seemed cool, but it should not be used. Will be a big problem if you struggle with your opponent tightly, while she kept a knife in his pocket. If he had won his pocket, was finished already. In addition, wrestled with one person would be very dangerous if your opponent a lot. While you wrestle with that one, there came another. His name is also a criminal, certainly not sporty!
Do not be intimidated. Do not be influenced by a thundering voice, his words are dirty, ugly face, or her body full of tattoos. You must remember that people who feel the need to intimidate other people are human beings who have a fear in him. Suppose he has great strength, for example, could crush the banyan tree, he will not feel the need to intimidate opponents. Centile was once the enemy flying. 
Condition yourself. Do not have doubts. Realize that there is no choice but to fight. If you are still hesitant to fight, then do not do it! Resist if you are unsure. If not sure, positively sure it myself first! 
Be prepared for anything. His name is also a criminal, they are already accustomed to living cheating. You should not think that they would come up empty-handed just because you have no weapons. You should also think their way. If suddenly there is a crowbar across the foot, why should prestige? Take and use!
Aware of the place. Do not be pressured. If it crowded where you stand, do not be cornered into a quiet place. No harm in calling for help so that criminals arrested busy-busy. Consider the situation around. Are there any that can be exploited for the sake of personal safety? If you believe you can conquer them if one on one, it never hurts to run into a narrow alley. If there was a dark dangerous place but you've memorized by heart, it never hurts to run down there and clean up your opponents. The whole of nature can be used as a weapon. Do not hesitate to push the opponent to fall into the abyss! 
The points harmful. You do not have fatigue-pitted tired muscles with an opponent. If the opponent a lot, then you need to save energy. Attack hazardous areas only. Eyes, genitals and knee are three important points that you should remember well. One strong attack to one of the three points that can guarantee victory. 

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