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13 Fanged Frog Discovered in Sulawesi

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Reading Always - Ben Evans, an animal expert from McMaster University in Hamilton and Indonesian scientists discovered 13 species of fanged frogs in Sulawesi. Some 9 of 13 species that had never encountered before. The discovery is reported in the journal The American Naturalist this month.
Fanged frogs included in the genus Limnocetes, called fangs because it has a bulge in the lower jaw bone. Canines in question does not mean actual canines, because not having the roots of teeth or other dental traits.
In his paper, Evans wrote, the entire species of fanged frogs were found to have different variations of adaptation, according to environmental conditions and the microclimate of each, ranging from the wettest to driest, and with a variety of existing vegetation.

Evans said that based on research results, there is no other frog genus in Sulawesi, which could compete with the fanged frogs of the genus. It became evident that the fanged frogs evolved to fill the niche of the life of existing vacancies in Sulawesi.
Until now, scientists do not yet know the benefits of canine in this genus of frogs. Some possibilities are as a weapon against other males to defend territory, capturing prey such as fish and insects as well as weapons against predators.
To find the frog, Evans and his team must be on an expedition along the river and forest with a risk of poisonous snake bites. Result, there are 683 frogs captured. Map the distribution of frogs and then made, as well as the comparison feature of the frog with its environment.
When the expedition, Evans tried to catch frogs in the forest that has not touched illegal logging. However, he said, "There are many forests where we took samples that later disappeared when we visited him a few years later."
So far, Evans said there has been no extinction of species found. But he believed in, the distribution of frogs have been reduced. Environmental conservation efforts need to keep these frogs still exist.

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