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Smart Tips Controlling Emotions When Fasting

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Reading Always - I want to give some tips for controlling your emotions during fasting. for those of you that fasting may be a bit difficult to control the emotions instead.!
Okay, I just give simple tips for those who undergo fasting.

1. Recognize your emotions
Know how you feel, whether happy, sad, scared, or angry. By identifying good what you really feel, you will more easily understand how to finish.

Jealousy, for example, is an incarnation of fear, fear of not being able to look better than others, or feel shunned because they can not be the best.
2. Do not be buried
You may be afraid can not help myself or make others be offended if you vent your emotions. However harbored emotion alone is not good for your mental health. There are times when you need to express what's on your mind, through the vent with a friend or express it through a hobby.
3. Reflecting from Experience
Have you ever been involved in the new issue when you are no longer able to hold emotions? Beat up a colleague, for example? Or have an accident while speeding on the streets to vent their emotions?

Next time if you want to remove emotion with a reckless way, remember the risks you face on previous experience. You definitely do not want to get a new issue and add to anger, right?
4. Find Peace
Exiled themselves a break from the crowd, just a few minutes until you can ease your mind that controls emotions. Sitting, standing, or lying down, find the most comfortable position to cool down.

Then think carefully what is passing in your mind. Do you feel scared out of jobs, hurt the feelings of a friend, or feel like a failure with a plan that has long made, know clearly what the allegations that makes you feel stressed.
5. Immediately Find the Solution After Emotion Reda
After calming down and reduce levels of emotions in yourself, now is the time to look for a number of options as a solution to your problem. Make some choices that you have a backup option if one of them fails.
Have you read the tips that I give ..?
ok, you try to practice to keep your emotions in this fasting month, hopefully this could be anchoring your emotions when in a state that is less good.
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