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Trash can with Advanced Technology

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Reading Always - rash can, we must always consider the trash synonymous with dirty, smelly and disease. But when it is developed with the arts and technology, the result will be far from our perception of a filthy dumpster. Here is a sophisticated designs with the concept of dumpster future:

1. Touchless Automatic Trash Can
As we know, the trash is very dirty, no one likes to memegangnya.Tetapi with infrared sensors, the bin is opened automatically during agan were within 6 inches of the sensor. Three seconds after the finish, close the slide will be closed automatically.
2. Barcode trashcan
You know that not all types of plastic can be recycled? Have you noticed the bottom of a bottle of mineral water you drink? There is usually a sign of recycling can be found with the middle digit. This is a sign that indicates whether platikini waste can be recycled or not. This appliance is a dumpster that is equipped with a smart barcode.
3. Expanding Office Bin
This will inflate the trash bin when the contents start membanyak. These bins are made from materials such as rubber is very flexible so it can expand its shape when it started a lot.
4. Armstrong Bin
Bins are designed to compress the volume of our waste production per day. The name comes from Bin Armstrong first man to land on the moon, as you will land your first trash here.
What do you think?
if you already have one trash can with this advanced technology. I think there must have been donk you have bins with advanced technology.

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