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Different Types of Japanese Noodle

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Different Types of Japanese Noodle - Mie one of most people in modern society's favorite food, because it tastes delicious but also easy to cultivate, there are fried or boiled. In Indonesia a wide range of processed noodles you can find it easily.

In Japan there are also various variants of instant noodles good or not. perhaps for the lovers already know udon noodles and ramen noodles, a typical Japanese. But other than that there are others you know. let's look together like any noodles in Japan:

Different Types of Japanese Noodle - Reading Always

udon is pretty good popular in Indonesia. Udon noodles at large sizes so that eating a serving of noodles is secured directly fed. Udon there are various types and Kitsune Udon is well known. Named after the kitsune (foxes), because supposedly he said, in Japan, the fox god most like to eat fried tofu called o-Inari. Kitsune udon use fried tofu topping on it, so it is commonly known by that name. He said again anyway, the color of golden fried tofu will make people remember the fox fur. Kitsune udon popular in the Kansai area, Osaka.

Soba noodles are made from lean healthy wheat flour options. Soba has long been known good for health. Soba can be served hot or cold with sauce, just like udon.

In Indonesia, this is the best ramen noodles are similar to us. Such instant noodles indomie tradition, originated from Japanese instant ramen. Ramen thin and served hot or cold with sauce, or fried.

Shirataki Noodles
Shirataki noodles This is the dream of every woman's diet, because the noodles are delicious and made from konnyaku (jelly) is very low calorie! Good for diet and health. Shirataki noodles dont have any particular flavor, so it can be combined with any sauce, cold or hot. Reportedly, these noodles are very big in the United States as a diet food.

If the udon noodles are the most obese, then Somen noodles are the most slender, equal to that in Indonesia so'un. In Japan there is a tradition named consuming Nagashi Somen Somen, where Somen with cold sauce allowed to flow in the pipe length, and the people standing on the edge of the pipe, trying to pick up and immediately take Somen with chopsticks.
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