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Bibimbap Korean Typical Egg Rice

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Bibimbap Korean Typical Egg Rice - Asia is quite well known for its culinary variety, and also identical to the rice. Such as Korea, not only fame with his music but of course the much-loved culinary, aka Bibimbap of rice one egg.

Bibimbap Korean Typical Egg Rice

Korean cuisine is known to be more healthy and natural. many foods containing vegetable and animal protein makes Korean cuisine is much talked about for its cleanliness and health.

One of its unique cuisine is rice mixed with vegetables with eggs called Bibimbap. If seen briefly as regular diet, rice mixed with vegetables and eggs only. But it is different here is the manufacturing process.

First, put the sesame oil and rice placed first in the most basic dolsot (hot stone bowl), then mixed with vegetables and duck eggs broken on it raw to be cooked alone because of the heat in the stone bowl.

For a more varied taste sensations can be added to the meat and sauce that fit alloys. Was a unique way of eating, so to Bibimbap is after all the eggs are mixed and shaped half-baked, all mixed well.

You can eat them using a spoon and chopstick (spoon and chopsticks) that are already commonplace in Korea.

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