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SD Card World's Fastest Made Toshiba

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SD Card World
SD Card World's Fastest Made Toshiba, What is the main problem when you want to move the high-resolution photos from memory card to computer? Yes, slowly. Moreover, if the picture you want to move the hundreds. Toshiba tries to give a solution of the problem of slow data transfer by introducing Exceria SD card.

Japanese company claims that it is an SD card Exceria fastest in the world today. This product is intentionally designed for high performance and consists of three different types.

The first is Type 1, offers read and write speed of about 95 and 90MB per second. While Type 2 promises a read speed of 95MB per second and 60MB per second write. And the latter Type HD to read and write speed of 90MB and 30MB per second.

Toshiba uses the latest version of the SD Memory Card standard, ie 3.0 UHS-I, which allows the product has a transfer speed of between 25 to 104Mb per second.

Type Exceria HD will launch in April. While Type 1 and Type 2 will be released around July and August. There is no clarity about the sale price.
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