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BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Present To Playbook

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BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Present To Playbook
Canadian companies, Research In Motion (RIM) introduced the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, the latest accessory for the BlackBerry Playbook. This product is a portable device equipped with a stylish multifunctional place that serves as a crutch to be able to stand tablet.

Besides being equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, the device also offers an integrated touchpad and allows users to navigate and control the BlackBerry Playbook as easy to use touch screen on the tablet itself.

Currently active keyboard, virtual keyboard tablet Playbook remain hidden, freeing up 100 percent from the display on the screen. "Whether you're typing an email, create documents, surf the web or using other applications, the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard and integrated place is an ideal accessory," said James Poulton, Director of Advanced Accessories.

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard comes with a touchpad that supports motion BlackBerry Playbook. The touchpad is also offering additional motions similar to the control mouse and a standard touchpad on a laptop, including a tap once to simulate a mouse click, two finger tap for right click, and menngesek two fingers up or down to scroll vertically.

With a thickness of less than 6 mm, the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard will connect to your BlackBerry via Bluetooth Playbook. 128-bit encryption feature will store the data that passes between the keyboard and the tablet safely.

The battery is claimed to last up to 30 days with a full charge. In addition, the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard can also use third party applications and can work with the BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 Messages, Contacts and Calendar applications as well as Documents To Go.
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