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4 Benefits of Chewing Gum for Health

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4 Benefits of Chewing Gum for Health - Some people think, chewing gum hurt. Especially for children, which can damage the teeth. However, chewing gums it also has other useful benefits for health. Here are some of the benefits of chewing gum.

Lose weight
One of the striking facts of the gum is to help you lose weight. Low calorie gum is a good choice because it is free of fat and good for burning fat. Chewing gum also helps you to control hunger, because the gum to control appetite and burn about 11 calories per hour.

Improve the digestive system
Chewing gum increases intestinal mobility. When you chew gum, mouth stimulates the production of more saliva which will neutralize stomach acid, thus reducing the likelihood of indigestion.

oral health
When you chew gum, you will produce saliva in the mouth, which can neutralize and prevent tooth decay, oral cavity, and maintaining oral health. So choose sugar-free gum to prevent tooth decay. Artificial sweeteners can cause weight gain and tooth decay.

whiten teeth
Another benefit of chewing gum is to help you whiten your teeth and also strengthen the jaw. Chewing gum also helps freshen breath and prevent tooth stains accumulate.
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andy said...

Because of their liquid form and the short time they remain in the mouth, beverages containing sugar, whether added or naturally occurring, do not have as significant an impact on tooth decay as sugar-containing sticky foods. Provided that good dental hygiene practices are maintained, sugary drinks can be enjoyed on occasion.

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