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Snake dishes at Restaurant Long Jin Shi, Shanghai

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Reading AlwaysChina is famous for extreme courage in serving food from a variety of living species, especially reptiles.

Pay a visit to Shanghai to Long Jin She restaurant. There you can order a hot boiled snake menu which is served directly in the pan.

In some parts of China, eating snake is believed to increase male virility. Women also welcome visitors actually been to this restaurant, it's just probably going to get a bit of satire.

Apparently this snake food lovers not only from the Chinese, but also the Russians and Germans. Snakes usually boiled in broth. For those who like to drink king cobra or broth Copperhead advised to book two or three hours earlier.

Alcoholic beverages snake head valued RMB 218 to 500 ml / bottle. Boiled snake RMB 58, RMB 30 a hot snake soup. Snakes know or Uriah shaw RMB 68 / plate.
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