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7 Work Triggers Health Problems

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Reading Always - Not just diet and unhealthy lifestyles that cause a person suffering from an illness. According to Huffingtonpost, one's work also contributed to the occurrence of disease in itself. Here are some types of work that can affect a person's health related.

Banker with Personality and Emotional Disorders risk
Under great pressure from their jobs, many bankers are suffering from personality disorders and emotional, such as stress or fatigue. In fact, some of which are still suffering from the disorder after leaving the profession. Researchers from the University of Southern California found that insomnia, alcoholism, heart pounding, eating disorders and emotional outbursts are many experienced bankers who have recently graduated from business school.

Teachers at the risk of Arthritis
Arthritis or arthritis to be a health risk for people who have a lot to stand in his work, including teachers. Therefore, people with more work stand, must be smart to choose shoes that are comfortable and do not use high heels. Her right shoe would put pressure on the joints in the foot. Not just standing too long, people who are overweight are also associated with arthritis.

Soldiers with the risk of stress
A site set CareerCast.com army as the most stressed workers. This is because the soldiers of this country has always demanded a physical, disciplined and little time to 'relax' or to see family. Not only that, CareerCast.com also mention of firefighters took second place at the risk of job stress, followed by the pilot positioned the third.

Labor at the risk of Respiratory
Health.com reported that inhaled dust from construction sites can cause workers to the risk of lung problems, such as cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. In fact, according to researchers from Oregon State University, a lung disease is a disease that is often experienced by workers. Symptoms such as sesek breath, chest tightness, coughing, and breathing is not normal.

Nurses with depression risk
The people whose job is to care for someone, such as nurses, risk for major depression. Health.com reported that 13 percent of nurses have experienced severe depression. Last year, Reuters reported Caring.com survey results showing that one in four nurses specially elderly or small children are more prone to depression.

Night Shift Worker Sleep Disorder risk
Research has shown that workers who work on night shift are more prone to insomnia problems, caused by differences in sleep schedule and wake schedule them with the most people. As a result, they are less likely to be excited, lack of energy, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. Thus, they more often make mistakes in his work, accident prone (due to sleepiness), mood changes and more frequent sick leave.

Overtime workers with depression risk
The study, published in the journal PLoS ONE shows workers overtime, more than 11 hours per day, was associated with a doubled risk of depression than those who only work eight hours per day.
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