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Benefits of Cold Water Bath After Exercise

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Reading Always - Many people are choosing a gym for a workout because they have complete facilities, including a special place for a sauna and a hot shower. Unfortunately, a hot shower after a workout is not a good choice.

Recent research suggests that a cold shower is thought to reduce muscle soreness after exercise. These findings also refute some of the opinions of scientists who say a cold shower would strain the muscles of the body and is considered dangerous.

To prove it, researchers reviewed 17 clinical trials with a cold water bath involving 366 people. In the study, researchers looked at whether a cold shower can relax muscles, or just the opposite.

In that study, participants were asked to bathe or soak in a bath of cold water after they were asked to exercise. Participants spent an average of five to 24 minutes in water temperature 50-54 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in some cases, participants were asked to get in and out of the water at the specified time.

"We found some evidence that a cold shower after a workout can reduce muscle pain, but only compared with the resting muscle only or did not do anything."

Nonetheless, researchers still have not found any side effects if a person continuously cold shower in the long term.

"It's important to consider that soak in cold water can shock your body temperature. We need to ensure that people are not doing a dangerous thing, especially if they are exposed to very cold water for a long time."
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