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Users Windows XP eroded

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Users Windows XP eroded. Reading always today update article about Users Windows XP erodedWhere we know Windows XP as the OS the first time we use in acomputer is now increasingly forgotten by the users. Wherebecause of advances in technology from Microsoft issuedWindows 8. Which makes the user will forget the windows xpwindows XP.

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The desire to Microsoft Windows XP users busy-busy moving to the latest version of Windows proved to be successful. Therefore, the current number of users the most widely used OS's success drop dramatically. Similarly, a recent report from StatCounter. 

According to the research firm, the number of XP users up to December 2011 dropped dramatically. Lots of computer users now have started to 'willing' to move to Windows 7. In fact, according to research static, users of Windows 7 is almost past the XP users. 

the current distance between the users of Windows XP with other Windows thinning. This is because globally has been a decline of 3.5 percent from December 2011. Moreover, the software giant is known to openly would 'kill' XP in the near future. 

For a year now XP users experience a decrease reached 48.8 percent, which is inversely proportional to the increase achieved Windows 7, which jumped 44.5 percent from 27.7 from last year. 

But it is different diraskan by Windows Vista has declined 4.5 percent, from the previous 15.1 percent to 11.4 percent in the desktop OS market globally.
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sell my laptop said...

From what I know, Microsoft will abandon XP in their next Windows 8 and Internet explorer 10

Kevin Tok said...

yes, as you know I also make sure that Microsoft will leave Windows XP as the increasing technological world.

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