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20% Link on Facebook Containing Virus

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20% Link on Facebook Containing Virus, Reading Always update today about 20% Link on Facebook Containing Virus read this article and share to any social bookmarking.

A variety of links scattered around the Facebook news feed some need to be wary of. In its report, security vendor Check Point said many of those links that contain a virus.

According to their research, as much as 20% of the overall link directs users to open the virus. Checkpoint also reveal a variety of other data about security vulnerabilities in social networking sites in the world's largest.

As many as 4 million Facebook users receive spam messages every day. Then 600 thousand logs in contact with other people hacked or hijacked. The amount was only 0.06% of all logging in, but still a number is not small.

To secure your account, Facebook users are advised to do some of these tips :

- Create strong passwords 
- Do not accept friend requests are suspicious or not well known 
- Keep an eye on what was submitted and shared by a friend Facebook
- Do not click on suspicious links

all the above tips when you do it well either, it is guaranteed your facebook account can be maintained safely.
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