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Understanding the Danger SOPA Through Video Animation

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Reading Always, update today information Danger SOPA Through Video AnimationStop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), aka the draft Anti-Piracy Law Online in the United States is becoming a byword. Still difficult to understand how this law works then? Consider this animated video.

In general, SOPA will allow the U.S. government and corporate copyright holders to block sites that are considered in violation, piracy or counterfeiting of intellectual property.

For example, if there are websites that have been accused of illegal content that violates copyright (including songs, pictures, video clips, etc.), then the site can be blocked by ISPs in the U.S., was posted from a search engine, and even intercepted to run online business with providers of payment services like PayPal.

Danger SOPA Through Video Animation

Inevitably a number of Internet giants like Google, WordPress, WikiPedia, until Twitter against the existence of rules that are still in the stage of the legislation.

For if SOPA implemented, then a series of unlicensed videos from the copyright holder on YouTube must be reduced by force, if you do not want to deal in court. Similarly happened in Wikipedia and other sites.

This rule does have a 'soul' that should be appreciated, because it wanted to suppress the number of content piracy. But the other side is the dissemination of information and knowledge will also be sacrificed.

Here's a video animation that was launched related to the implementation of SOPA.Youtube

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