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Living in Big Cities Can Damage Sperm Men

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Man's ability to fertilize the couple is determined by the quality of sperm. But there are many factors that can damage the quality of male sperm. Not only the heat and the use of tight pants, living in big cities also contributed to damage sperm.

According to a new study conducted Italian Society of Andrology and Sexuality Medicine (SIAMS), city life has caused decreased sperm count in young men in Italy.

In summarizing the results of three studies, an organization based in Rome concluded that more than 33 percent of men aged between 18 to 20 years suffering from severe damage to sperm because of the many urban place, such as pollution and smoking.

Living in Big Cities Can Damage Sperm Men

"Additionally, promoting urban living an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity, which also could have a negative impact on sperm count," said the researcher.

Research funded by the Italian Ministry of Health was able to remind the young men that they really know about the risks of living in the town of fertility and sperm quality.

In each 1 ml of semen there must have 20 million sperm. Or at least for men's sperm count is 40 million sperm fertility in which 75 persennya should live.

From the sperm count of these, then 25 persennya should be able to swim rapidly toward the egg cell. And 30 persennya be shaped perfectly normal alias.
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