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CSF Flirt Google & RIM Build Data Center in Indonesia

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CSF Flirt Google & RIM Build Data Center in IndonesiaGait Cyber ​​CSF in Indonesia not only limited to commercialize the data center is built. The company also will ask caliber giants Google and Research in Motion (RIM) so as not to hesitate to invest building a data center in Indonesia. 
At least, according to him, there are three obstacles that cause companies like Google and RIM pick up more data centers in Singapore than in Indonesia. 

"First, the power factor. Indonesia has not had a reliable power infrastructure. RIM and Google need to design reliable, how can you if there is a power outage can stayon," explains Daniel. 

Second, cooling system problems. "Google's computers to the server is very hot. If it can melt off the AC power. They need a cooling system redundancy for backing up all kinds of components," he continued. 

For this problem, CSF already have their own freezers. They have a large tube containing cold water. "So, if there are blackouts, the temperature not to rise. This tube can handle the time being 10-30 minutes depending on load." 

And the third is the issue of bandwidth availability. If these three elements can be convinced there is no problem, it is quite possible Google and RIM is pleased to build data centers in Indonesia. 

"Naturally, the investment needed to build the data center is not a little. They do not want to take the risk of loss if the three problems were not met. I hope our presence here could be an example for them," said Daniel. 
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vincent@ sell laptop said...

This is interesting info. Now I found out that Google and RIm are considering Indeonesia.

Kevin Tok said...

th'x your comment in my article here..

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