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War Facebook and Google in 2012

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War Facebook dan Google in 2012 Facebook is still Digdaya with around 700 million users. Google + is expected to rival it has not been able to talk much in 2011. But in 2012, both predictable competition heats up. 
Both of these networking sites will compete for millions of dollars advertising pie as the number of users. Users can also expect many new features were added that served both. 

"This is a struggle to survive for Facebook and relevance to Google. What happened in 2012 will make a difference whether Facebook will still be there at the end of the decade, and whether Google is really relevant outside of search engines," said Rob Enderle, an analyst at the Enderle Group . 

War Facebook dan Google in 2012

Facebook plans to offer his own IPO in the first half of 2012. This could make up a lot of money and more powerful in the fight against Google. But can also reverse.

"The moment is big IPO Facebook. Google is more focused might be dangerous up if it fails," said Patrick Moorhead of Moorish Insights & Strategy. 

Google made big news with the emergence of Google +, with various features like Facebook. However, it must be recognized that Google + can not do much in 2011. 

But he projects a Google will not give up so easily. Competitions are both expected to be very intense in 2012 as a growing advertising pie in the social networking site. 
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vincent@ sell laptop said...

This is really interesting news. While both these companies are struggling to take the larger pie, the people are having a hard time thinking if they will stay on Facebook, or will try Google +. :)

Kevin Tok said...

Th'x @Vincent..
th'x been willing to comment on my article

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