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Winter depression symptoms and treatment

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The weather is wet and windy days and nights are dark and gloomy, and the hot summer days are gone for another year. Too many, the winter damp sentiment, but for others it can lead to depression completely.

Known as seasonal affective disorder this winter depression is generally thought of the dark days that occur during the winter months and the relationship with this form of depression symptoms such as difficulty waking in the morning and want more than usual sleep to increased appetite, leading
often lead to weight gain, and generally feeling beat down and unmotivated day.

For others, Christmas Day it is a very depressing time of year. 
Christmas is a time for most was greeted with warm, laughing with friends and family and lots of food and drink filled with an optimistic view of the New Year.

Two classic symptoms of depression include a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, social withdrawal and depressed to find the motivation in the celebrations and the power of a smile is difficult, if not impossible, to commit to a few. 
For people with depression in the winter months, the few friends or family Christmas often alone and put in isolation and feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, and overwhelming grief with thoughts consumed as "the world would be better off without me" and "Life’s 't worth it. "

Help and treatment for winter depression:

For those concerned with seasonal depression has a light box for a few hours one day for many years, very effective in eliminating or at least reduce their symptoms of depression. 
Antidepressants are often prescribed for victims of seasonal depression as they are for people with depression in general.

This has occurred but for a few weeks in power and for some of the side effects of drugs is unbearable and set. 
For those who can not tolerate the side effects of prescription antidepressants or those with mild to moderate symptoms of depression in natural remedies for treating moderate depression can be effective in lowering their mood.

For those not suffering from depression, but feel worried about someone being the case, then the best advice is to show them you care, inviting them for a Christmas meal and drink. 
If the offer is rejected the effort to call them Christmas and remake of the offer and remind them that interest you. Making the offer, if accepted will reduce the difference.
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