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Using a Vinegar Solution For Baby Acne

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Reading Health - With a vinegar solution for baby acne can be a good way to treat a baby's skin problem. Acne can cause problems for people of all ages - all from babies to older adults. While acne is most common when children hit puberty at least five percent of babies suffer from baby acne.

Most babies have this problem if they are two weeks old until they reach the age of six-month-old range. In at least one percent of the babies, but it can occur after six months of age. Most parents notice baby acne on the forehead, chin and cheeks of the baby. It looks like a red rash with small bumps. In some babies can appear as whiteheads, these bumps.

Most doctors recommend that the cause of baby acne happens as the baby comes. The mother's hormones pass through the placenta and the baby takes a lot of them. This can stimulate sebaceous glands, which acne. Baby acne can be away on its own, but if you need to feel they treat, the most common treatment is a vinegar solution for baby acne.

There are a number of different vinegar solution for baby acne products on the market today. Most parents say that they are the best way to treat the problem. Be sure to use it to determine thin at first, if it does not hurt your baby's skin. Once you've determined that your baby can tolerate it, if you use it as much as you need.

Keep in mind that baby acne go away on its own, and you should never try it with funds that were designed for adolescents or adults to treat. Clean the baby's skin with a mild cleanser at least twice every day, but do not scrub all parts of the body, as that can cause further irritation of the skin. But as always, speak with your doctor before you make a vinegar solution for baby acne.
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