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How Do I Stick to a Weight-Loss Plan?

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Reading Always - If you are not a routine-oriented person (waking up several times a day, you work at different times), what is the best way to get a weight loss routine, and stick to it? We wanted to know, so we went to the nutritionist, Mike Roussell, find out. Here's what he had to say:

The bottom line is that if your health and fitness goals are really important to you, then you have a schedule to commit to as the consistency over time is needed is the only way to achieve your goals. Here are three tips to get there.

1. Plan and prepare meals in advance. Take time on Sunday to plan your meals and workout plan for the week. Meals, some meals packed in containers and some of your meals in advance. It may sound like a lot of work, but you will end up saving a lot of time (and calories) at the end. After eating healthy meals and snacks on hand to give you more likely to adhere to your schedule (nobody wants leftovers, right?).

2. Commit a few small changes. If you are bad at sticking to a schedule, are not forcing you into a rigid program that planned every minute of every day, this will not last long. Instead, you choose two things in such a concentration at a fixed time to wake up every day and eat breakfast every day. Once you spend 1-2 weeks consistent adherence to these rituals planned by one or two more. The scheduled events or adding small blocks of time over several weeks allows you to seamlessly you on a schedule. They will be to achieve your fitness goals without feeling like your life completely run by a drill sergeant plans.

3. Restart your morning off right. Ideally scneario: Your Work / Life kit enables you to work out, first thing in the morning and follow your workout with a healthy breakfast. I've found that you could make your day like this a positive tone that puts you more on your scheduled healthy behaviors stick. Plus, the rest falls apart if the scheduled day, you already fit in a workout.
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