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Four Easy Ways to Avoid the Flu

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Reading Always - Influenza commonly known as flu, which is a disease that can be overcome by mudah. Meski so, when subjected to cold, people usually feel very miserable. Starting from a cough, chills, fever, nausea and even vomiting.

Actually, there are easy ways that you can follow so you will not catch cold easily. Do four of the following is quoted from health.com.

More outside
outside and breathe fresh air is the easiest way to boost the immune system. it is also very good for our psychological health that can reduce the level of stress.Faktanya, high stress levels can lower the immune system.

Always make time for relaxation time. Enjoy a cup of tea, watering plants or doing other things that make your mind becomes more calm and avoid stress.

"Stress increases the risk of the flu, because it prevents the body to produce cytokine molecules," said Ather Ali, Assistant head of Complementary / Alternative Medicine Research from the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center.

The function of this molecule that triggers the disease the immune system reacts to. Further, as long as you deal with stress will usually experience sleep problems, irregular diet and neglect of health.

Always wash hands
Your hand is a nest of viruses and bacteria. So make sure after having moved to the bathroom or out of the house, wash your hands with soap. Do not forget to dry it quickly, Remember, bacteria can easily spread in the temperature of the moist rather than dry temperatures.

Enough sleep
Lack of sleep can continuously inhibit the ability of the immune system. In fact a study conducted by a team from Carnegie Mellon University in 2009 found that, someone who slept less than seven hours a day, have a risk of flu that reached three times higher than those who have slept enough.
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