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Bustling, noisy Sex Workers Protest Google

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Bustling, noisy Sex Workers Protest Google. Google is at odds with sex workers. Beginning, Google donated money for a variety of NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) in various parts of the world. However, this search engine giant step protested by sex workers in the United States.

SWAAY institutions (Sex Work Activists, Allies, and You) assesses Google also provides funding to NGOs is problematic about human rights. Because these NGOs want to get rid of sex workers arbitrarily.

"We salute with Google's desire to eradicate slavery, trafficking and exploitation, but their funding is also given to three NGOs that cause serious harm to sex workers, namely the International Justice Mission, Polaris Project, and Not for Sale," wrote SWAAY.

These three NGOs are considered dangerous to the safety of sex workers and want to get rid of them with all sorts of ways. For example, asking the government raided the headquarters of the sex workers in developing countries such as Cambodia and the Philippines.

SWAAY claimed the sex workers and supporters will do a demo on some Google offices. They want Google to meet their demands.
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4 komentar:

Outbound Malang said...

wah, parah ini..
google sebagai raksasa search engine pasti ga mau lah gan kalo disuruh ikut mempromokan hal2 yang negatif seperti itu..

btw, ditunggu kunjungan baliknya ya gan..
happy blogging :)

Kevin Tok said...

terimakasih sudah memberikan komentar-nya di Artikel saya :)

yah pastinya gan, Google hanya ingin memberikan ayng terbaik agar negara berkembang semakin meninggalkan hal hal negatif yang hanya membaut manusia itu menderita :)

Saya siap mengunjung Blognya gan, terimakasih :)

HTC said...

wah mantap om kevin buat GA neh blognya wkwkkwk,,
bahasa ingris semua he,he,,
makasia om kevin atas komentarnya mantaps :D

Kevin Tok said...

wahh.. makasih dah berkunjung mas ojel :D

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