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3 Myth of Cloud Computing

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3 Myth of Cloud Computing.  In a seminar on cloud computing, Francis Lee from Joyent says there are a number of myths surrounding cloud computing. The myths that make people and companies are still reluctant to move from the old model to the data center cloud computing services. 

Education about cloud computing is absolutely necessary to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. In 2012 as I predicted in Indonesia will be the year where people will want to know more about cloud technologies, including trying the service directly. 

One thing is certain, by diverting resources to the cloud does not mean the owner of the data can ongkang-ongkang feet and hands off if there are things that are not desirable (eg, crashes, hacked) occurred with its cloud service providers. 

Service providers must have a good cloud of initial contract will be invited to sit with my clients designing the system environment to obtain optimal results. This is early evidence of the seriousness of cloud service providers to seriously help us deal with over the resources of the entire computer system owned by the company. 

Here are the myths that cloud computing is mentioned by Francis Lee and how it actually happens in the real world: 

1. Cloud Computing is not secure, reliable, and scalable 

I combine these three things into one. The fact is that cloud computing may not be secure, reliable, and scalable. This could happen if we choose a service provider cloud that is not appropriate and we are not directly involved in designing the desired computer system architecture. 

According to Francis, the use of cloud services does not mean the system is immediately 100% safe. We still need to install a security system such as SSL and all layers of security are a major factor in whether our system is easily penetrated or not. From the beginning, the cloud service provider should have given advice on how best to ensure system security. 

Meanwhile, reliable and scalable factors depend on the way we design computer systems that are owned in the cloud and how the backup plan that is owned by the service provider cloud.Thus, preparatory steps - both in choosing a cloud provider and architecture design of computer systems - is critical to determine whether the system will be secure, reliable, and scalable. 

2. Cloud Computing does not save money 

It could be that it costs to divert resources into cloud services are not much cheaper than making the data center itself. 

The problem, making the data center itself was certainly require a name space, infrastructure, and hardware are all assets and has a depreciation factor. Not to mention if we need to update it periodically. 

In contrast with the transfer system to the cloud, only one thing that we think of the financial side, the operational costs. There are no assets and depreciation to be taken care of. 

Think of it like a regular monthly payment is issued, such as electricity, water, or telephone. No need to bother with the update or how to dispose of the device technology is already obsolete. 

3. Cloud Computing requires new IT skills 

Is the cloud requires a new skill? Now reversed, if you are engaged in the world of Information Technology, which is not new every day? 

In contrast to other techniques of the world, IT is a very fast world demand change. This includes the skills and knowledge required. What is the trend five years ago could have been so no one uses today. 

Especially for cloud technology, the system administrator at the company would have to understand how to handle the technology applied by cloud computing services. 

Continuous learning, especially for new technologies, is a must and it is not negotiable. Of course, cloud service providers will always help if you need the transfer of science and technology. 

That's a bit of a myth associated with cloud computing. Bottom line is cloud technology does help us deal with computer systems owned but the owner of the system remains fully responsible for ensuring that the system has been really quite secure, reliable, and scalable.Update on developments in technology is also a must in this fast paced world. 

Hopefully we can understand the cloud with better technology and can decide whether cloud computing technology is the best solution for our system or not. 
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surya ramadhan said...

the new technology in the 21th century, cloud computing..

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vincent@ sell laptop said...

The real issue here is whether the Cloud will be secured or not. People are also saying that once a lot of people go to the cloud, the cloud system will slow down.

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