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Apple and Microsoft's inspiration dies

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Reading Always - Jacob Goldman, founder of the legendary Xerox lab's Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC) died. Xerox PARC is an innovative laboratory in Silicon Valley, which is even acknowledged Apple founder Steve Jobs as an inspiring laboratory technology. 

As quoted from the pages of Mashable, Goldman reportedly died of heart failure. The head researcher at Xerox since the late '60s, died at the age of 90 years.

PARC is a laboratory that was built on the idea of ​​Goldman, which is dedicated as a center of research and study. A number of breakthroughs made Xerox's PARC was established in 1970.

Xerox's PARC laboratory referred to as the first to develop a PC (personal computer). In addition, PARC is also called a party who first began to develop graphical user interfaces(graphical interface), an Ethernet network, to use a commercial mouse.
Located near Stanford University, researchers at PARC given the freedom to develop his idea. Apple founder Steve Jobs was in his biography several times called PARC as a gold mine.
Steve Jobs himself admitted Xerox PARC inspired when creating the interface in a number of early Apple products, including Lisa and Macintosh.

Not only Apple, Microsoft also touted inspired Xerox's PARC when creating the Windows operating system, especially at the interface. Because it is Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Steve Jobs rejected the claim that mimics Apple accused Microsoft when creating Windows.

"Look, Steve. I think it's like we have a rich neighbor named Xerox. I tried to sneak into her house to steal a TV, but when I was in I just know you have to steal the TV," said Bill Gates to Steve Jobs.
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