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Treatment For Depression Seasonal Affective

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Reading Treatment For Depression Seasonal Affective. The further you live away from the equator, where are the dark days and nights during the winter months affected the greater the risk of suffering from seasonal illness known as SAD for short.

Unlike a general bad mood during the winter months, many people feel is temporarily affected from time to time during the winter months, a seasonal disorder, a depressive illness which has serious repercussions on the overall quality of life of a man.

Common symptoms of seasonal affected disorder include feeling lethargic and trouble getting up and out of bed in the morning rose the desire for foods high in carbohydrates, lower productivity at work or school and the overall general distress. If you think you suffer from SAD (ask doctor for a formal diagnosis) and find the symptoms debilitating than one treatment is available.

Because the symptoms of seasonal affected disorder is often assumed that the decrease in light during the days and nights of winter, it is no wonder that some form of treatment that has proven to be very good therapy are associated with a light box.

These headlights shine a light intensity from 2,500 to 10,000 lux (a measure of light intensity) and using a light box will vary from person to person. For most people with a light box for 30 minutes a day results in a better mood, others can get by on 15 minutes a day and the other two hours of therapy may need to see and improve the symptoms of SAD are.

For other people with a sunrise stimulator, which gradually increase in brightness over a predetermined time, reducing the difficulty waking in the morning by resetting the body circadian rhythms.

However, if the symptoms of seasonal depression influenced unmanageable then the use of antidepressants to consider. For many people, an antidepressant medication for a few weeks before winter and then dismantling the drug in the spring is the best form of treatment.

Taken into account and the best form of treatment to choose. The sooner you get treatment for the symptoms of seasonal depression struck with light therapy or medication you recover faster. Finally, if you have an effective method of treatment is the same treatment can be used in the following year, in order to prevent depression and help you through the winter and early spring or summer with minimal disruption.
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