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How to deal effectively with a greasy face

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Reading Always - Update today, abaout How to deal effectively with a greasy face. ok, read my article today ! Tallow oil or skin is the natural moisturizer of the skin that lubricates the hair and keeps the skin from dehydration. It is secreted by the sebaceous glands that lie just beneath the surface of the skin. Oily skin occurs due to hyperactivity of the sebaceous gland that is caused by many factors including the change in hormone levels due to pregnancy, puberty, menstruation, diet, medications like birth control pills.

Warm, wet and some cosmetic products are also linked to excess sebaceous gland activity. Physical illness and stress are also contributing factors. Genetic or hereditary factors may also predispose to a particular person for oily skin, but in general, men are more prone to oily skin for women, such as the sebaceous gland is more active among men, due to androgens, the male hormone that stimulates the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Healthy Lifestyle: The natural approach to the treatmentCompared with normal or dry skin, oily skin can be an advantage due to the abundant supply of delays skin's natural moisture of skin aging. However, the oil laden skin collects dirt easily and prevents proper exfoliation. This predisposes the skin to acne problems once the skin pores become clogged with dirt and become infected. Therefore, in order to reach a win-win solution to the problem, is a sure way to avoid infection as much as possible while maintaining the natural balance of skin moisture.

Proper hygiene - Contrary to what you may think, excessive dryness of the skin may aggravate the problem because it will stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum.Therefore, the treatment of oily skin, avoid using products containing harsh chemicals to dry skin hat. Likewise, avoid anything that contains excerpts of the butter and mineral oils or moisturizers added. A good option is the soap that contains Triclosan acid, beta hydroxy (BHA), or alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), these are known to be effective in fighting bacteria that cause infections.

Proper Diet - Avoid too many sweets and starchy foods more.Eat lots of fruits and vegetables is much better than processed junk food or greasy. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day is good for the skin. Go soft and alcoholic drinks, and pick fruit and vegetable juices instead. Its aim is to maintain a proper diet which do not stimulate sebaceous gland activity, so seek advice from a nutritionist is valuable to keep on track.

Regular exercise and proper rest - You may have heard about the benefits of regular exercise from ages, but recent studies have found a correlation between exercise and mental health in particular, our resistance to emotional stress. Fear, worry, anger and other negative emotions affect their lifestyle and cause hormonal imbalances that manifest themselves in physical ailments such as oily skin. Therefore, it is important to develop resistance to stress naturally by engaging in physical activities like walking, biking or jogging. Getting enough sleep on a regular basis is equally important and have a positive attitude in life.

There are many factors that cause hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands that leads to oily face, which means that there are also many different methods for their control. What I have mentioned here are simple steps and practical approach to help minimize their appearance and prevent skin infections. They are intended only for the most common cases of oily skin is considered a minor problem. For severe cases, especially those accompanied with severe acne, it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist in person to obtain a more appropriate treatment.
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