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Reading - At Home WorkoutsAt home workouts are no less effective than the work at the gym. However, in order for the home workout, tone and strengthen your body as well, if you had a personal fitness trainer, you need two things: self-motivation and the right equipment.

Key Components of Great At-Home Workouts
every effective workout program will include cardio, strength training and flexibility training. Your body needs all three to achieve your optimal level of physical fitness.

Cardio training.
 Cardio exercise increases the heart rate to a level where you are breathing hard but still able to get comfortable conversation. Cardio training burns calories more efficiently and strengthens your heart and lungs.

You want for between 20 to 60 minutes of cardio training six fifty-five times per week goal.
 To make sure you are getting your heart rate high enough with cardio want to invest in a heart rate monitor and make sure you keep your heart rate up to the required bandwidth for at least 20 minutes five times per week.

Strength training.
 Strength training uses resistance or weight to build, strengthen and tone muscles. Builds muscle, if it is pushed to the point of failure, thereby breaking the muscle tissue to temporarily and then again with stronger, stiffer fibers. This can be achieved through the use of free weights, weight machines, aerobics, resistance bands and exercise balls. Plan strength training two to three times per week, so rest days between sessions so your muscles time to repair themselves before pressing it again.

Agility training.
 Flexibility training improves balance, reduces your chances of injury and improves posture and coordination. Stretching, yoga and Pilates all great examples of flexibility training. You want to begin and end every workout with a 5 minute stretch, and take time for deeper stretching at least twice per week. If you have suffered an injury in the past, you are stretching and exercises around the injured muscle group or together as a regular part of your exercise routine as a re-do to prevent injuries.

Home Exercise Workout Suggestions
Choose from the following options, and create an at-home workout program that best fits your lifestyle and fitness goals.
Use the great outdoors. 
A great way to get your cardio in, you're out and either walk, jog, run or bike ride. Get good shoes and equipment (a good bike, an air pump, helmet, running shoes, a heart rate monitor, etc.) and enjoy some sunshine as you work your heart and lungs.

Climb your stairway.
 You have seen the stair climber in the fitness club, is not it? Climb stairs to your own home (be careful of the way down, especially towards the end of training when you could feel your legs rubbery). Rest for a moment, if you breathe heavily and have enough, then stretch for 1-2 minutes to allow your body to recover. Climb the stairs again! Record your progress in flight and / or time and goals for yourself to do more climbing and more.
A series of calisthenics. Sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, push ups, lunges and squats all use their own body weight to strengthen and tone your muscles.

The life of dumbbells. 
A series of free weights is a cost-effective way to train weight. Use the hand-held weights to train for each muscle group until you reach muscle failure. Make sure to stretch before and after work each muscle group. Schedule a session with a personal trainer or get a book that shows you how to use the weights correctly so that you do not injure them. Start with low weights and build slowly, making sure you never so much weight that you no longer maintain proper form.

Build core competencies with exercise balls. 
Exercise Balls (often called Swiss balls) are excellent ways to strengthen your core muscles (back, abdominal, oblique muscles and gluts’).You can even have a ball as a chair in your office at home (on your core muscles a challenge as you work or bills) and you can use the ball to improve core strength exercises.

Tone with resistance bands. 
Resistance bands can move a normal exercise and ratchet the intensity increased significantly. A set of resistance bands is an affordable, easy to store and portable form of strength training that you use every day in your home.

By using the different levels of resistance, you can create a muscle group to muscle failure a day's work, and work the muscle group was significantly less on the next day. 
If a particular exercise is no longer challenges you have, you can increase the problem with the use of resistance bands, without anything else.

Watch TV or DVDs. 
Most cable and satellite TV providers offer fitness channels as part of their basic programming packages. Take advantage of your free programming to support these at-home workouts or build a library of fitness DVDs that you admire. You can learn how to practice yoga, do Pilates and Tai Chain, aerobics and kickboxing, and learn how to protect your hand weights and resistance bands for a good cause. The advantage of using a show is that you tend to push them for the duration of the program and you get to see more people demonstrate movements with the right form.

Consider investing in equipment. 
If you find that you really love a particular sport (such as running, for example), but are limited by the weather and do not want to undergo a fitness club, buying a treadmill or weight machine at home. This can be very expensive, but you may find it worth the investment if the machine you can often train in their own homes.
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