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Recognize the symptoms of Alzheimer's

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Reading Always, Update weekend about Recognize the symptoms of Alzheimer's. Trying to provide information to you-you who want to know the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. As has been reported that 18 million people worldwide are affected by Alzheimer's. About 50 percent of cases are found in developing countries, such as North Africa and India. This degenerative disease trigger memory loss and difficulty concentrating for the sufferer. Seeing this, no one if you start to be alert to recognize the early signs of Alzheimer's and take preventive measures.

Here are the steps to prevent Alzheimer's disease:

1. Often forgotten.Do you ever forget to put glasses? Or some times can not remember and miss appointments Important? Should you begin to be aware of these Pls Things begin to Become routine and frequent. Memory impairment are common symptoms of Alzheimer's that gradually worsened over time. When you have been diagnosed, Alzheimer's sufferers also forget about New Things Often learned and ask for the same information over and over again.

2. Difficult decision.Difficulty making decisions is another sign of Alzheimer's. At first, this may seem trivial. However you need to be careful, Because as time goes by, the situation get worse and you Could Probably Will need medical help.

3. Mood swings.Rapid mood changes are also experienced by sufferers of Alzheimer's. They can Become Suddenly depressed, even angry for no apparent reason. Alzheimer's personality can change drastically, Becoming extremely confused, Suspicious or excessive. These changes Vary for each person, but Sometimes also be seen in stark contrast to Their normal behavior.

4. Withdraw from active social life.As the disease progresses gradually, people will from growing niche to pull away from routine activities and social life. Little difficulty in remembering events, names and dates would cause Difficulties to complete a task or a favorite activity. Therefore, it is Important to Recognize Such signs and seek early medical intervention. It can help ward off depression and prolong quality of life by maintaining healthy levels of stimulation, Both physically and socially.

5. Difficult speech and language.People with Alzheimer's may forget simple words. They have difficulty in joining or following the conversation. They are also the make sentences Difficult to Difficult to Understand by others. In fact, Pls speaking, people with Alzheimer's may stop Suddenly for no apparent reason.

6. Confused.Confusion with the place or time is a characteristic trait of Alzheimer's Patients. Patients usually Such Will not remember dates, seasons and even time. Patients with Alzheimer's Suddenly Sometimes not know how They can be in one place, without knowing how They got there.

7. Difficulty concentrating.Concentration Difficulties can indeed Happens to us all Because of the lack of attention, anxiety, or lack of sleep. However, people with Alzheimer's disease may have difficulty in Completing Tasks That have been done so far. They Will Often find it Difficult to complete routine tasks Such as paying bills or cooking.

8. Forgot to save the objects.Forgot store is not strange in our daily lives. But in Patients with Alzheimer's, the activity Becomes routine. In Addition, They are Often seen putting something in place Undue. For example, put the shoe into the refrigerator.

9. Visual impairment.Alzheimer's is associated with vision problems, including difficulty distinguishing colors. According to the Alzheimer's community, about 60 percent of all Alzheimer's cases reported any visual disturbances. In contrast to the normal eye problems Caused by anomalies in the eye, the problem is Caused by the inability of people with Alzheimer's in Their brains to see the light signal.

10. Difficult to solve the problem.Some people even have difficulty in solving basic math problems or to follow the plan. They also may find it Difficult to perform tasks require some form of That abstract thought and may take longer to perform tasks They did before.
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