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Bladder cancer - the bladder and cancer

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Reading Always, update tonight about Bladder cancer - the bladder and cancer. The Bladder is a term used to refer to the urinary bladder in the body. The urinary bladder stores urine until it is removed to the outside of the body. The urine from the kidney is collected in the bladder which is muscular and elastic in nature. Sometimes, the cells in the lining of the bladder begin to behave abnormally. The cells develop into tumors which may be cancerous in nature. When a cancer develops in the bladder it is referred to as the bladder cancer. This is a malignant type of tumor which can spread in the entire body and can even prove to be fatal. 

Cancers of all types occur due uncontrolled cell division activity in some cells of the body. The activity of cell division is strongly controlled by the oncogene. Now, most cells have a specific cell life. After certain duration of time cells die and new cells are formed. But, in a mutated condition and due to environmental factors, oncogenic ells can lead to repeated division. In other words, cells which are supposed to die may not expire but to the contrary may continue to divide and form new cells such uncontrolled behavior leads to cancers. This behavior which is caused by the activation of oncogenes can occur for various reasons like viral infection. 

Personal habits like smoking and drinking are major reasons for occurrence of bladder cancer. Tobacco is extremely harmful to the bladder. Habits and addictions that include excessive intake of tobacco and alcohol have a greater chance of creating dysfunctional and abnormally functioning cells. Though passive smoking is not known to be the reason for developing malignant tumors, it is known to be injurious to health. Some researchers also suggest that direct contact with carcinogenic agents during excretion though urine could also be responsible for development of cancers. But this is not confirmed. 

It is noted that people who drink a lot of water are less prone to developing a Bladder cancer. Further, almost thirty percent cases occur due to inappropriate exposure to harmful agents. Occupational hazards also lead to severe conditions. Buss drivers, mechanics, and stylists who regularly deal with cosmetics are subjected to chemicals which can be carcinogenic. Nevertheless, one should stay abreast with top medical news and advancement. Being aware of the healthy ways of living as well as various methods of treatment is always good for any individual.

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