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Veterans and Mesothelioma

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Always Reading, want to give a little information about veterans and mesothelioma. Reading always, let's consider the following article about the Veterans and Mesothelioma. Let's read further.
Members of the U.S. Armed Services have not only dedicated their lives to their country, but they are also unfortunately the most common victims of mesothelioma due to their increased risk of exposure to asbestos. A large number of veterans have been subjected to asbestos over the last century, and many have and will eventually succumb to mesothelioma. 

Military Use of Asbestos
Of the 22.7 million veterans in the U.S., many underwent extended asbestos exposure. The military has used asbestos in various aspects of work and construction, particularly in the areas of fireproofing and insulation. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the use of asbestos began to decrease and it wasn’t until even later that the full health effects of the material were understood. The veterans who were most exposed to asbestos fibers were those who worked in the shipyards for the Navy.

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