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Recognize and Understand the Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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Reading Always - You really listen to women frequently breast cancer for sure. Actually it can be quickly overcome if you are a woman could know the symptoms, so you can quickly see a doctor to examine him.

Reading Always try to give some tips for you especially for a woman. Breast cancer is not just any disease, so could endanger yourself. It's not easy to think of the symptoms that arise in you. I will try to give some tips for Breast Cancer Aware of yourself.

Here below are the signs of the onset of breast cancer in women yourself :

1. Bumps.
These lumps are usually found under the skin of the breast and the size of a postage peas. Usually the lump is found only in one breast only. If the lump is pressed and can be shifted, it means that there is an early symptom that is lightweight and can be addressed. Conversely, if the lump was not able to shift and it was bigger and harder, then it means the cancer has entered an advanced stage. These lumps can also be found on the surface of the armpit, though not always mean cancer, but it's good to be given further examination.

2. Discharge of blood / fluid awkward.
Blood fluid that comes out is generally not a lot, but quite disturbing. In addition to blood can also be a yellowish liquid such as white blood or even pus. This is usually followed by pain on the surface of the breast, and itching on the area around the nipple. Nipple sightings were usually changed, which is seen flat or entered into. 

3. Changes in skin color and texture.
The color of the breast skin was flushed and there is a scaly surface like orange peel. The skin will feel rough and stiff, often also arise wounds difficult to heal and feel the heat as well as swell.

In addition to the symptoms above, there are some other symptoms that could trigger breast cancer. more likely to develop than others, among others:

• In the family history of breast cancer patients as well. These factors may increase breast cancer kmungkinan 3-fold greater than the average person. But this can not be used as an absolute benchmark because in some cases there were patients who had no history of breast cancer in the family.
• Getting your period at age considered too young or menopause at age above 50 years.
• Never have any other breast disease or have had previous breast cancer.
• Most common in women over age 30. But again, this also can not be the absolute benchmark for starting  many found breast cancer patients in their teens.
• Do not give milk to babies after birth, or was never pregnant.
• Obesity and a dependence on alcohol.
• First-time mother over the age of 35 years.
• Often stress and eating too much fat.
• Frequently exposed to radiation, such as body scanning is often done by using X-ray.
• Genetic factors and hormonal.
• Consumption of DES (dietilstilbestol), or the prevention of miscarriage. 
Hopefully this article can be utilized best for you, especially women, keep your life from this disease, because the disease is highly lethal. But instead of this disease can not be semuhkan, the disease can be cured.
So watch yourselves carefully

Source : People Living with Cancer, Mediacastore.
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