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Flush Water Jump to Head at Shower Risk Stroke

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Reading Always, Flush Water Jump to Head at Shower Risk Stroke.
Circulating warning to the bath water should not immediately flushed to the head because it could be at risk of stroke.Flush Water Jump to Head at Shower Risk Stroke, Apparently according to experts the possibility that there are nerves, especially on certain people that when the air is too cold or heat and body temperature are in a condition otherwise.

Reading Always, So it is advisable if you're too hot or cold, should avoid water flushed directly into the shower head. In certain people, flushed the water directly to the head with the opposite temperature can cause a stroke.
All point and temperature in the human body both inside and outside the effect on brain activity. Brain function is to monitor the body to function normally, then something odd on the body would greatly affect the brain.

Reading Always, the temperature changes suddenly can cause a stroke occurs when the types of persons with disease specific, ie:

1. Diseases of heart
2. High blood pressure
3. Impaired blood vessel (cardiovascular)
4. Blood Disorders 

"So people who have diseases of the heart, hypertension, there are problems with blood vessels or the contents of his own blood, should be careful with the temperature changes suddenly. If you want a bath-rub should be rubbed once, do not immediately washed down into the head so let me first adapt . We must love with our bodies because God has given us a perfect body. The pain which give us is not God but because human beings themselves are less able to care for her."
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