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4 Habbit Triggers Acne

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Reading Always - On the day this weekend, reading always try to provide health tips for those of you who currently confused as to why acne pad your face. Habits that may belom you know all this, one of the causes of acne that. Let's look at some tips to know habits that cause acne on your face.

It is often not realized, so the problem would not stop acne. As reported by the Total Beauty, Tony Nakhla, MD, dermatologist and author of "The Skin Commandments: 10 Rules to Healthy, Beautiful Skin", and Ava Shamban, MD, tells anything bad habits that could be a major trigger acne problems.

Using makeup with ingredients trigger irritation
All you need to know the main ingredients of the makeup greatly affects the health condition of the skin. Some materials are known very easily trigger irritation and acne. Here are some ingredients in cosmetics are very easy to make acne appear, so you can avoid it.
- Artificial Dyes: Look at the packaging, if there are writings FD & C mark cosmetics contain artificial dyes.
- Lanolin: Basically this is another name of sebum or oil. This formula is for dry skin and less precise when used on acne prone skin types.
- Isopropyl Myristate: This material does make the skin not too oily. But, also clog pores and cause skin irritation.
Making the face is too dry
Too often use wax paper or clean your face with soap foam will reduce excessive skin moisture. Although it may seem like a good idea to make oily skin becomes more dry cleaners are made from hard, foam soap, or alcohol-based toners, are in fact tend to be at risk of skin irritation. 
Cell phone
Using a cell phone for long periods also trigger acne. Pressure when you use the phone instead of just holding the bacteria longer on the skin but also help him get into the skin. Bacteria is what makes skin so prone skin.
Soiled bedding
Do not underestimate your sleep hygiene tools, good pillows, bolsters and blankets. Humid conditions at room temperature, making the bacteria easily breed in tools sleeping. Always wash pillowcases and bolster including blankets and bed linen regularly. That's because the bacteria contained in the tool bed will move easily on the skin while you sleep can finally be acne triggers.
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