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History and Benefits of Reflexology !!

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Etwoonews - Reflexology (reflexology) works by stimulating the feet for healing purposes. This is done by applying pressure to specific points on the feet to stimulate organs or body parts as appropriate. 

First hieroglyphic references to the discovery of foot reflexology inancient machine. Americans already know the relationshipbetween the feet and other body parts for many centuries years.

Modern reflexology 

Modern reflection was first started in 1900which pioneered byDr. William H. FitzgeraldEdwin F. Bowers and George StarrWhiteRecord all of the first pioneers of modern Reflexology.They developed tori "Zone Therapy" which states Actually Thatthe body may be "mapped" in a different zone.
DrEunice Ingham, known as the "Mother of Modern Reflexology,and then developed the theory of Zone Therapy to map the zoneson the feetDrEunice Ingham also find specific points of the feetand hands that relate to various organsglandsand structures in the human body.And gave the pressure points are on the organsglands andbody structures that suit will be stimulated.

How Reflexology Works

Reflexology first do a "warming" on footafter which therapy will bestarted and put pressure on certain points on the patient's leg.And then will provide stimulus to the organ or gland-related.Sometimes - sometimes "deposit crystalsfound at certain pointson the patient's leg.
The crystal deposits are believed to be penyumbatnya nerves.This therapy will usually solve the crystals by pressure andmassage.

Results Reflexology
The results of reflexology therapydepending on the severity ofdisease in the suffering by the patientThe more severe the illness the patient, it will require more time before results can be seen.There are other ways to get positive resultsis the belief that reflexology will workThe mind and the body has a very highconnections.If the patient has a positive attitudethen the body will also reactpositively and will generate positive.
Here is are some diseases or complaint that could be solved with Reflexology :
1. Constipation heal. 
2. Relieve Menstrual Cramp. 
3. Eliminate Stress and mental pressures. 
4. Make sleep more soundly. 
5. Cure back pain. 
6. Cure headaches and migraines.
Other Benefits of Reflexology

Other Benefits of Reflexology, to help relieve pain by stimulatingthe release of endorphins or the body's natural pain killers.As a natural ReflexologyReflexology can be considered to be an alternative to modern therapieswhich until now many people live.
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