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7 interesting facts about the navel ?

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EtwoonewsSure you know what it is at the navel not ..? about the navel.!!

Navel is a closed hole that occurs when the umbilical cord of newborns in the cut, the umbilical cord is a nutritional relationshipwith the mother of the baby in the womb.

So the baby inside can get nutris food from the mother, so that the baby's birth prosses going well.

You certainly know the center is very sensitive, so that cleanlinessmust be maintained at the center. In order not to grow the bacteria.!

Jiri Hulcr and colleagues from RaleighNC That said although thenavel instead of the usual places to do research. But there aremany Things That can be known from this small organ.

Here are seven facts about the Navel :
1. Udel the navel or belly is one part that is protected so that it becomes a safe haven for normal skin microbes. 

2. Udel not produce a special secretion or oil like other body parts that are protected, such as nose or armpits. So the microbial flora that is in the navel is quite representative of the entire body. 

3. All mammals have a placenta will have a navel or udel, but generally udel in humans is more obvious than other mammals. 

4. People who have udel shape protruding or bulging commonly known by the less than normal, and there is no difference with the navel, which was entered into unless the form only. 

5. Researchers revealed that the ideal form of udel a woman is small and shaped like the letter T, while the less attractive udel horizontal and prominent. 

6. Udel has a variety of names, but technically known as the 'navel' is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word 'nafela'. While the Romans called it the 'umbilicus' and the Greeks called it 'omphalotomy'. 

7. Udel in pregnant women will look outstanding, it is because of weight gain that makes the greater pressure and widened the skin tissue.
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