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Food For Children sleep soundly

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Food For Children sleep soundly - Golden age years (12 months to three years) is essential for growth and brain development of children. At this time, the brain never stops growing, even at night when they rest. Deep sleep not only helps children grow physically perfect, but it also makes them well-developed brains.

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So that children can sleep soundly at night, it is necessary to consider some type of food intake


Drinking milk before going to bed is a good routine, because the milk improve the nutritional needs of children. The content of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and bone growth fosfornya help children to be tall and strong. Substance serotonin in milk also relaxing muscles in the body, making the body relaxed and ready for sleep.

Milk also provides good energy for body growth and brain while the child slept.


Give children specific nutrition (specific nutrient) according to the conditions and needs. For example, in children who have digestive disorders (constipation or frequent diarrhea) may be caused by an unhealthy digestive tract. Parents can give a good prebiotic substances for gastrointestinal health.

Fruits are always good for health and child development. Fruits usually contain vitamins and can help the baby's immune system.

Chamomile tea

Tea generally contain caffeine such as coffee, which is not good for children. But chamomile tea is categorized as herbal drinks to calm and inviting sleep, the child is allowed to be consumed.
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