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Chrome World Champion, IE Champion American

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Chrome World Champion, IE Champion American - science news for this morning, giving the news about Chrome etwoonews World Champion, American Champion IE. Problems in the browser has become one of the rivals of search engine with the bing. Where browser Chrome usage is number 1 in our several years by internet users. While the problems in the area held by the IE (Internet Explorer), as further news let us consider the following article.

Chrome World Champion, IE Champion American

Chrome become the most popular browser globally, but Internet Explorer (IE) still dominate the use for browsing the Internet in North America, including the United States.

Globally, Pingdom notes that Chrome is a browser version of the 18 most popular with 25.6% market share. Firefox 11 reached 15.8%, while IE 8 and 9 respectively reached 15.7% and 14.6%.

Still, people in North America appears to still trust IE from Microsoft as terandal browser. If all versions of IE for North America combined, 40.4% had IE browser market share.

IE version 9 to be the most widely used in North America which stood at 21.2%, followed by 20.2% Chrome 18.

If all browser versions from the first version to the latest version of the combined, IE still dominates the global use by 34%, followed by 31.2% Chrome, Firefox 25%, and Safari 7.1%.
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