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Masterpiece Drawing with fingers

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Masterpiece Drawing with fingers, Exploration of the art really infinity. The imagination in the arts will continue to run in every direction to keep to explore the inner satisfaction.

Artist from New York for example, it is Judith Braun is famous for its 'fingerings: Fingertip Beautiful Paintings'. Judith Braun, creating a symmetrical masterpiece giant mural, not with a brush, but just use the fingertips of both hands.

By dipping his hands in charcoal, paint and chalk, and use the hand as a paintbrush, Braun was able to make a symmetrical artwork is truly unique. Using special techniques, it produces all kinds of abstract images, patterns and shapes.

"Abstraction makes the image is free to be whatever, while the fluidity of the complete symmetry into something, like a crystallized liquid energy. Crystal metaphor is further reflected in the carbon media, under heat and pressure, into a diamond. I like to think I was drawing with diamond dust, "said Judith Braun.

The uniqueness of the artwork Judith Braun has given its own beauty to the world of art, a true artist like Judith Braun will continue to live in his art.
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