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Tips Buying Tablet Computer

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Reading Always - This year and next year is estimated to touch screen phones and tablet. Players are Android and Apple. Now, with the number of tablets sold in the market, about what to look for? Here are tips from Techradar. May be useful.

1. operating system
Many tablets of different brands. There are IOS from Apple, Android from Google that took a lot of companies, BlackBerry OS, and Windows. Find which one you like or need.

2. screen size
Determine the size of convenience. When you are comfortable with a 7-inch tablet, instead of searching for a 10 inch. And vice versa. Do not panic if a company issued a two screen sizes. Find who you feel more comfortable.

3. Want a 3G or Wi-Fi
You can also choose to tablet with Wi-Fi only or also has a 3G network? Ghiboo does vote, the tablet has a 3G network so that the internet is not dependent on Wi-Fi only.

4. camera
Now these people on the narcissistic. Yes the camera, there should be dong on a tablet.

5. application
Apple App Store has about 65 000 applications, hundreds of thousands of Android, BlackBerry over a little longer. Choose where?

6. Heavy or light
These tablets are now a lot of size and weight. iPad 2 have the weight of 601g and as thin as 8.8 mm. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 weighs 595g and as thin as 8.6 mm. 9.7 mm thick while the Playbook and weighs 400g.
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