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Microsoft Create Tracking Trending Topic

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Reading AlwaysMicrosoft launched a service called msnNow Trend Tracker, which serves to keep track of online conversations through real-time topics on various social networks. Users can view the topic is becoming a trend, as well as some short comments from the MSN editorial staff.

This service is primarily aimed at young users are increasingly connected to the internet via a smart phone or tablet. So proclaimed InternationalBusinessTimes.

"We took the most heat, the social conversation that became a trend on the internet, and brought to the surface. This is for the younger generation who do not spend more than five to ten minutes to find information," said Bob Visse, general manager of MSN.

The new service uses an algorithm created by Microsoft to search Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bing and BreakingNews.com, and see what topics are being shared by users in real-time.

Furthermore, a team of 20 editors will write a summary of 100 words from the story and upload the link. In some cases the editor will warn the reader if the story has the wrong information and they will also edit the content of the most appalling and offensive.

Unfortunately, although suitable for a smart phone or tablet, this service has not had an application for such devices. However, users can still access msnNOW through all mobile browsers. These services will also have use within the tool allowing users to share content with Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

Although the number of visitors, MSN does not have the same power with Yahoo or Google, MSN believes its new service will be more effective because it relies on human editors to make the site more attractive than sites that simply post a link to a trending topic. MSN.com itself is still one of the frequently visited Internet sites, with approximately 520 million users worldwide.
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