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Image Technology Solar Graphic, Reading Always. A variety of photo techniques to make a lot of people are always developing and creating new photography ideas.

Solargrafi picture now emerging technique using Pinhole camera (needle hole) and without any chemical processes.

Solargraphs or solargraphics or solarigraphics itself is one kind of photography that records the path EDAR / orbit the sun. This unique method was first introduced by Slawomir Decyk, Pawel Kula and Diego Lopez Calvin.

Methods / EDAR pathway of the sun shooting process takes a long photo shoot. Some photos taken even in a period of 6 months or even a year.

Solargrafi shooting technique is very simple, using a pinhole camera (pinhole) is made ​​of material strong enough to survive outside (about 6 months-1 year), for example made ​​of tin or plastic material that is thick and strong and weatherproof.

Furthermore we put cameras in places that have an open view (view to the front of the camera is quite free) and leads to a trajectory / orbit the sun. But keep in mind is to try installing cameras in places that are not noticeable because it will be left in the period of time.

Interested in trying this trick photography?
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