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Brazil So Country First Use the Sensor Tweet

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Brazil So Country First Use the Sensor TweetThailand was the first country to openly support the sensors tweet, but it looks like Brazil will be the first to apply the policy to 'silence' of its citizens.

Brazil could become the first country to implement the plan at the request of the government to censor tweet. This move certainly sparked concerns among privacy groups, who fear the government will use the same policy for membungkan different sounds.

The Brazilian government has filed an injunction to stop Twitter users in several ways. This sparked concerns among free speech activists and Twitter to see which country will use the facility (sensor tweet) to 'silence' of people in a country.

"Twitter has given states the tool (sensor tweet) and now Brazil has chosen to use it," said Eva Galperin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Carlos Eduardo Alves, spokesman for the Brazilian federal prosecutor's office said the petition had been filed regarding the order on Monday. He said that the judge is likely to announce in the coming days whether to issue commands to the user Twiter.

Brazilian government orders to stop asking Twitter users to alert the driver about the blocking of roads by the police, the presence of monitors speed, and position drunk driver examination.

Responding to the news, the Twitter said in an email that they do not have anything to be informed about the problem.

Sensor tweet which was inaugurated last month by Twitter this, Twitter users will be imposed on violations of the law in a country if the government filed a request for censorship. While Twitter will let users tweet each time they were censored.
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