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Shot of the Sun Fire Arrives on Earth

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Hello, today reading always update about Earth and SUN, A giant flames burst from the Sun on January 19, 2012. Bursts of plasma waves it throws a light trigger beautiful auroras or the northern sky in the region when the particle arrives at the top of Earth's atmosphere.

According to observers of outer space, the Sun's eruptions - also known as coronal mass ejection - occurred around 16:00 GMT on Thursday. The particles of the explosion hurled toward Earth at speeds of about 1,000 kilometers per second.

Now, the bursts that have hit the Earth's magnetic field promptly at 06:17 GMT, January 22, 2012. Initially, the impact is not too strong blow. Solar wind speed was only hit with up to 400 kilometers per second. But then, the wind flow continues to rise.

A number of space telescopes including the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) NASA's managed to make photo and video recording the eruption of the Sun. following, Shot of the Sun Fire Arrives on Earth.

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