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Israeli Equate Hackers with Terrorists

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Reading Always, today's news for you read about Israeli Hackers Equate with Terrorists, who is now a problem for Israel. We know hackers hackers can now say white hat and black hat.

Why, because the world is not all hackers can arguably commit a crime in cyberspace. Because of the many hackers also do good in cyberspace. for that let's you always refer to an article today in Reading this weekend. Furious with hacking action, Israel said it would respond to cyber attacks as acts of terror. Israel vowed to fight the hackers as they fight the terrorists. 

Official statement that Israel's Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon is coming responding to hacker attacks recently.As is known, the hacker group from Saudi Arabia claims to successfully tackle credit card 400 thousand citizens of Israel. Credit card data and then diumbar freely on the internet. 

"It is imperative convey this message to anyone who is attacking or trying to carry out attacks against Israel, including in the cyber realm," Ayalon said in a statement published by the media in Israel. 

Ayalon as reported by AFP on Sunday (01/08/2012) sternly warned, those who carried out the attack was tantamount to putting yourself in danger. 

"Cyber ​​attacks and terrorism should be treated as such. In the realm of cyber, we have the capacity to fight anyone who tried to attack us," he said. 

Action hacking credit card that struck Israel last week conducted by a group of hackers who called themselves Group-XP. They claim not the first time managed to break into servers in Israel. 

In its action this time, Group-XP exploit gaps that exist in the sport's most prominent sites in Israel, One.co.il. Then insert a page containing credit card data was stolen. 

The data is stolen, most of whom are a credit card number complete with its attributes.Including the expiration date, security number, full name, address, phone number to the owner.
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