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Microsoft and Yahoo Help Mozilla

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Reading AlwaysMicrosoft and Yahoo Help Mozilla. Google is rumored to have poured funds amounting to 300 million U.S. dollars (or approximately USD 2.7 trillion) per year to "bind" Mozilla browser, Firefox. 

A few days ago, Google announced a partnership with a contract extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser. With this contract, Google may become the default search engine in Mozilla Firefox browser and is entitled to share of each ad clicked Firefox users. 

Before the contract was agreed upon, the impression gained is the only party that Mozilla misgivings when the contract is void. Because if Google did not renew his contract, Mozilla revenue was only 19.7 million U.S. dollars.This calculation is only for 2010, this year the figure will certainly smaller. 
Mozilla was not only a worry, Google is like having the upper hand is also experiencing the same thing. Because in the same time, Microsoft and Yahoo join Mozilla tries to seduce, in order to Bing and Yahoo Search could become the default search engine in Firefox. 

As rumored AllThingsD, the entry of these two giants make the contract price of Google and Mozilla to soar.Google finally willing to pay Mozilla $ 300 million U.S. dollars per year for the next three-year contract.
Mozilla seems to have grateful to the success of Microsoft and Yahoo earned a contract with a very large value of Google.
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