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How to apologize ethically

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Reading Always today update about How to apologize ethically !. Read my article update today here. Humans are not spared any mistakes either accidentally or not againts other people and how our attitude when doing wrong, silent speak and apologize ?

In the apology must also be considered and element ke sincerity so preformance apologize that there is no prejudice here made there are some scribbles to be taken into consideration to apologize to someone.

1. Give your impression of error is greather than the criminals who carried out anywhere. 
Avoid defensivenes accomanied apologized stating that you are doing it is actually not a big deal. say that be excessive. It will only provoke further argument, instead of solving the problem. Instead, simply say that you are aware of having made a big mistake. Or state that you should not do that.

2. Apology accompanied with a reason why you do wrrong.
If you just say, "Sorry, I forgot we had promised to watch", this phrase sounded hang and could open space for the next incident to watch to forget an appointment with a partner, for example because you've already gone with friends and could walk.

3. Avoid adding the word "But" after apologizing.
this one word can destroy the entire sentence before you say that sincereley. Because, the word "But" implies that you actually do not feel so quilty and thought the couple also have the same error severity.

4. Give the word apology, not a gift.
Nothing can replace the word are sincere in apologizing. There is no use to seduce your partner by buying his favorite object. Even not giving you this stuff rarely regarded as a sign that you do not understand where the error, wich is important to apologize and complete. If indeed you want to give gifts, do it later peace had beed created. It would be much appreciated by the couple.

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